Result of Global Customer Survey 2016 for GEODIS Denmark

December, 15 2016

At GEODIS Denmark we are proud to inform you about the main trends in the result of this year’s survey among our customers.

  • Net Promoter Score: 2016, 42% (2015, 18%)
    The Net Promoter Score, which is an indicator of the customers’ readiness to recommend GEODIS Denmark to their professional network, has increased significantly!
  • Communication – overall satisfaction*: 2016, 98% (2015, 95%)
    The satisfaction among our customers with the amount, quality and results of the everyday communication has improved for all parameters in this category.
  • eSolutions – overall satisfaction*: 2016, 91% (2015, 91%)
    We maintain the customer satisfaction overall, but we also detect a large minority of customers not already using our eSolutions. We will make sure to renew the offer of an eSolution to all customers in 2017.
  • Invoicing – overall satisfaction*: 2016, 80% (2015, 82%)
    We know there is a constant need of focus and improvement, when it comes to invoicing: Accuracy, clarity and timeliness. We must continue our development in this field.

In early 2017, GEODIS Denmark will launch three new projects internally to enhance the way our teams work with customer complaints, eSolutions offerings, as well as service concepts.

THANK YOU to those among our customers who helped us identify areas in which we can improve (and also for the praise). With your answers to the customer survey, we are adding more edge to our action plans for 2017.

Kind regards,
GEODIS Denmark

* Satisfaction is defined as the percentage of the respondents answering "Good", "Very good", or "Excellent" as opposed to "Fair" or "Poor".



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