Peak Season update on airfreight from Asia

November, 09 2016

As announced by GEODIS Denmark on 27 September 2016, the Peak Season ahead of Christmas and New Year already started to effect the market during September.

Unfortunately, the situation is accelerating rapidly. The usual high demand for air freight due to the coming holiday season as well as the turmoil caused by Hanjin entering receivership add pressure to the air freight capacity. It affects exports from China, Hong Kong and consequently exports from other Asian origins.

  • To serve you in the most efficient way and to meet your expected delivery times during the peak season, we kindly ask you to book shipments as far in advance as possible.
  • Further, we recommend that you consider service level carefully when booking. Currently, we see AirSave and Deferred services being loaded under “subject to space” category by the airlines.

GEODIS offers a variety of Airfreight service levels (AirSave, AirFlex and AirFast). At the same time, we are in a close and upfront dialogue with our carriers to secure alternative solutions to meet your airfreight requirements.

We strive to minimize delays and avoid extra cost for all our customers. However, this challenge has resulted in a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) imposed by the airlines earlier this year, and the level of surcharge develops proportionally with the increase in demand as the capacity tightens further.

As PSS varies from one carrier to the next for different destinations, we kindly ask you to connect to your GEODIS operational department or contact to confirm the PSS amount for your shipments.



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