Discover the video "Le BHV MARAIS supplied by natural gas trucks with GEODIS"

June, 12 2015

Discover the video interview of Hervé Ciolfi (Flows Director - Le BHV MARAIS) and Séverine Thévenon (Retail Sector Director - GEODIS Road Transport).

Transcription de la vidéo

Hervé Ciolfi
Urban freight’s challenge for Le BHV Marais is to strengthen our key player role in terms of distribution while using means of transport adapted to the LUD charter, which means sustainable urban freight that aims at reducing our diesel fleet park by 50% by 2017 and reach the level 0 to 2020.

GEODIS’ offer consists of delivering 100% of Le BHV Marais’ goods using eco-friendly solutions. This means 4000 deliveries for 160 000 kilometers.
Séverine Thévenon
We are very proud to be Le BHV Marais’ sustainable growth partner. More than just a contract, this is a partnership based on an innovative solution for urban freight that we develop in the long term.

GEODIS Road Transport has proposed to set up a shipping solution using gas tractors. These trucks running on natural gas reduce CO2 emissions by 15% and particles and NOx by more than 80%.

GEODIS offers the best solutions to respect the environment.

In connection with the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility approach, GEODIS has established a special focus on urban deliveries for very big cities, through the Megacities project.

The objective is to optimize downtown deliveries and reduce the carbon footprint. This is exactly what was done in the case of Le BHV Marais.

Once again, this is a real pride to support Le BHV Marais' innovative project of urban freight.




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